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Welcome brave souls to the official website of Bath Ghost Tours.  Here on this main page, you can quickly find all the information you may be looking for without the necessity of clicking through the horrors of our in depth pages, recommended for the timid visitor!  For those of you with a greater courage, please feel free to immerse yourself in the many secrets that the other pages hold, and maybe one night, we may speak again outside the Abbey! 

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New for 2024

In 2024, we are only running a few tours during the months of January and February.  We start properly on March 1st with public tours available on Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday nights 8pm.  During the months of June until the end of October, we will be running public tours 7 nights a week1

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New for 2024

Bristol Ghost Tours

After starting our Sister business last year, we are very pleased to announce that Bristol Ghost Tours is a success and will continue the torment in 2024.  As with Bath Ghost Tours, the Bristol Ghost Tour also begins on March 1st and will be running the regular 7.30pm tours in Bristol meeting outside the Bristol Cathedral on Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday nights. If you like the Bath Ghost Tour, you're going to love the Bristol Ghost Tour.  For full details, just hit the link below...  

New for 2024

With the financial pressures that face us all in these turbulent times, we have taken the strange decision not to increase our prices.  Yes madness indeed, we are keeping our prices at the same rate as last year!

Oh yes, and there is the video of course, very new indeed!  

“These guys were awesome, super goofy super fun!  If you enjoy ghosts and history, these guys are the guys to see!” 

Bath Ghost Tours are an exciting and new ghost tour, bringing chills and thrills to the horror hungry visitors to old Bath town.  Begun late in 2015 by its two guides Brother Fergus and Doctor Lynch, and incorporating a mix of history, theatre and paranormal experiments, Bath Ghost Tours has quickly become the must-do evening activity in Bath.

The Tours

The ghost tours in 2024, run all year-round from March on Weds, Thurs, Fri , Saturday and Sunday evenings, and between late May and October, tours are running 7 nights a week!  There are also some select dates available in 2023 during January and February, incl Valentine's night.   We meet outside the main door of the Bath Abbey, Abbey Churchyard, Bath, BA1 1LT, to leave at 8.00pm. Each tour lasts around 105 mins, walking through multiple different haunted locations throughout the city. Guests are horrified by gruesome stories, terrified by genuine paranormal experiments and involved in torture and even hangings!  

         Prices in 2024

Adults £16, children/students £11

Private tours for parties/groups, corporate, hens nights etc are also available throughout the year on any evening, contact us for details. 


For those of you not wanting the bother of filling out details on the contact page, you can email us direct for bookings at -

or indeed call or text us 

(Please check your spam folders if emailing for replies) 

Abbey Churchyard, Bath, England, UK


Public Ghost Tour

Tours available all year-round  from March at 8pm on Weds, Thurs, Fri, Saturday and Sunday nights.  Between the months of May and October, tours are available every night of the week at 8pm. 


Private Ghost Tour

Exclusive Private tours available throughout the year, for groups between 2 and 32 people.  Private tours are available to book most evenings at 2 convenient time-slots, 6pm and 8.15pm.  For groups lager than 32, please contact us directly to arrange, subject to availability. 

Please note, that all bookings and payments are now taken via the booking page.  You can still turn up on the night and join us without booking, but you may not get onto to the tour if we are busy, so don't take the risk!  To keep everyone safe, we are no longer accepting cash payments.  

This year Halloween falls on a Tuesday night and as per usual it will be busy, very busy!  Consequently, all those who wish to come along on Oct 31st, must book and pay in advance, otherwise much sorrow will be experienced. 
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