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Frequently asked Questions

Where do the tours begin, and where do they end?

We begin all of our tours directly outside the Bath Abbey main door.  The Abbey itself is in the Abbey Churchyard, BA1 1LT.  The tours end in Queens Square, which is only 5 mins walk from the Abbey.
How long is the tour?
Our tours last for approximately 1 hr & 45 mins.
Is the Ghost tour suitable for children?
Most certainly it is.  when there are children on the tour, we do tone down a few of the details.  Don't worry, you can always ask the guide for the gory details later.
What happens if it rains?
We run the ghost tour in all weathers, so please dress accordingly, as the tour is completely outdoors.
What do I do if I'm running late?
If you're running just a few minutes late, you will still be able to join the group by heading towards the Abbey.  If you're running more than 5 minutes late, we suggest looking around the Abbey area briefly for the group, and if you can't find them, go to Abbey Green, and wait by the tree.
Can we bring our dog on the tour?
The basic answer is yes, as long as your dog is very well behaved, but only the one dog please.  Do be aware however, that if your dog does become disruptive or aggressive, you will be asked to leave the tour.
Do you offer private tours?
Why yes indeed we do.  We offer private tours for groups of  between 2 - 90 people, throughout the year at 6.00pm and 8.15pm.
What is the Bristol Ghost Tour?
The Bristol Ghost Tour is our brand new ghost tour, beginning in May 2023.  We're quite excited about it as Bristol is literally crammed with the restless dead!  Go on, take a look. 
How can I buy gift vouchers?
Gift vouchers can be easily purchased by going to the Book Online page on this website.  There is a gift voucher icon with the heading Gift Vouchers on the top left of the mains section of the page, the scrollable section of the page that is.  Purchasers are able to select the number of tickets they require, and pay for them.  The recipient is then able to book with the voucher for the tour date that suits them.
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