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The Guides

Who We Are


Dr Lynch

Head Guide and Retired Hangman

The good Dr Lynch was indeed a celebrated surgeon in his day, on the cutting edge you might say.  With a reputation for the use of innovative techniques and a flair for the dramatic, this notable doctor came undone when it was discovered that the vast majority of his patients had died in very curious circumstances.  However he soon put his nimble fingers to use by becoming a celebrated executioner. for the city!  Today, sadly he is reduced to earning his gin money by tormenting the general public on these tours. 


Mrs Needles

Guide, Poisoner and possible Witch

Mrs Needles, a Strange Apparition of dusty feathers and gaudy apparel, has been Haunting the Streets of Bath for what it seems to be minutes/decades/centuries. Often rumoured to be a Witch!, or part Bat, by small Urchin children, accusatory Dogs and Respectable Gentlemen, she also has Aquired the nefarious title of a Poisoner. Do Not Accept gifts or victuals from this Creature of The Night!

She is Well Aquainted with The Dead and invites you to follow her and be Formally Introduced. AT YOUR PERIL!


Mrs Cruncher

Guide, Body snatcher and disturber of the dead.

Mrs Cruncher used to be a respectable lady.  Her husband, Mr Cruncher being quite the celebrity supplier of cadavers to a most discerning clientele.  Alas Mr Cruncher met his untimely end, and someone had to continue the family business.  Don't be fooled by those delicate hands, she can crack open a coffin or crack a neck should the merchandise be in an in-between state.  Join her on one of our tours by all means, but if she enquires after your health, don't say a word! 

Miss Vile

Guide, hopeless romantic and Murderess

The lovely Miss Vile, is truly a beguiling creature.  However, before we rescued her from the gallows, Miss Vile had carved out for herself quite the reputation, as a most subtle killer of men!

Don't be fooled by those pretty eyes and even less by her tears, she has been left standing at the alter on many an occasion, and claims an irreversibly broken heart.  But it was her wicked self, that murdered each and every one of her would-be suitors.  bachelors, you have been warned! 

Miss Vile 5.jpg

Mr Robert Ratler

Rat-Catcher, Vermin killer, Murderer.

Mr Ratler will tell you that all of his victims were just vermin that had to be disposed of, and that all physical evidence has been professionally erased.


  Rat-Catcher to the wealthy and fashionable of Bath, Robert Ratler was once a respected tradesman of the city.  Unfortunately, rumours started circulating that it wasn't just the rodents that were being gotten rid of for a price.  It seems that Mr Ratler had expanded his repertoire from creatures upon four legs, to creatures upon just two!  So, if you need a rat killed, any kind of rat, Robert Ratler is the man for the job.  

Jim Reaper

Guide, Funeral director to the wealthy, murderer.

Mr Jim Reaper.  Once a most respected professional man and a partner in the famous funeral director's firm Grimm, Scratch and Reaper.  Sadly, it came to light that Mr Reaper was just a little too keen to increase trade for the firm.  Apparently, some of the customers were still breathing upon interment!  Still, they never complained afterwards, and rumour has it, that Mr Reaper is still quite active in the trade.

Mr Skinner

Guide, Taxidermist, killer and artist!

Another victim of malicious gossip perhaps.  Mr Skinner is our resident taxidermist.  Infamous for his artistic re-invention of the deceased.  If you have a loved family pet, or even family member that you wish to have immortalised and mounted for display, look no further than Mr Skinner.  Indeed, we have it on good authority, that Mr Skinner can even help expedite matters for you, if a family member is proving obstinate in their demise. 

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