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The Tours

Bath Ghost Tours run tours every week of the year all year-round from March, on Weds, Thurs, Fri, Saturday and Sunday nights, and between late May and October on Mon, Tues Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday nights, all 7 nights!  During January and February there are some select dates available for tours incl Valentine's.  Tours depart outside the Abbey main door at 8.00pm, but if you're joining us, please be outside the Abbey at least 10 minutes before the tour starts.  Private tours however are available throughout the year on any evening.

The tours run for 105 minutes and is a wonderful way to see this beautiful city at night.  Of course that is just the bonus of the tour, the main reason to come on a tour is to discover some of the many haunts that exist within the walls of this very old city.  On each tour you will hear gruesome tales of murder, horrors, witch burnings, tragic suicides and relentless hauntings from beyond the grave!  There are in this town, ghosts of Roman soldiers, medieval monks, witches, victims of sword fights, restless spirits of the executed, the insane and even the hopelessly romantic

(not every ghost has a dark reason to haunt).  Guests on the tours are encouraged to participate in the theatre of the night as well as in some of the paranormal experiments which we conduct, although you do have to be brave to volunteer for such.  On some evenings, the results of these experiments can be quite nerve-racking!

Each tour takes our guests through various parts of the city, Roman, Medieval and Georgian locations, many of which would otherwise remain hidden from the casual visitor.  We begin outside the famous Abbey and eventually return you all quite alive back in the centre of town.  The tour itself is suitable for all ages, even children as young as 6 or 7, there is some walking involved, with one small set of stairs to negotiate, but otherwise it is a gentle stroll, as you will need all your strength to deal with the ghosts!

Group sizes for the tours can fluctuate between 4 and 32, Friday and Saturday nights are naturally the busiest so it is always wise to book in advance for those evenings.  On busy nights, particularly during the summer, there will be 2 guides/2 tours per night.

 Private bookings are also available for parties, corporate functions, hen nights or just because you want your own private ghost tour, minimum numbers apply, please contact us for further details. 

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