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Bath Ghost Tours is the creation of Brother Fergus and Doctor Lynch, two rather unsavoury characters both quite dead of course.  The tours themselves have been running since December 2015, taking visitors to the city to the most haunted locations in the town.  Bath itself is literally crawling with ghosts from all of periods of the city's history, far too many to fit into just one 105 minute tour.  Consequently the hauntings and stories that are included in the tours have been selected for their uniqueness, gruesomeness and even their likelihood of a genuine sighting!

After just a few months, it became increasingly apparent that in one particular location of the city, experiments using the visitors to capture photographic evidence of paranormal activity, was increasingly successful.                                    

Because of these sometimes quite shocking results, the tours themselves have become a blend of gruesome tales, theatre, fun and paranormal experiments... So what are you waiting for? Contact us now for a uniquely fun and frightening night out in Bath!  

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Doctor Lynch, 
disgraced physician, died 1851.

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